CT scan Vs MRI – Comparison of most useful diagnostic tools

ct scan vs mri

Finding the causes of medical issues is not an easy task. The physicians and other medical staff are always struggling with their brains and current evidence to find out the most suited causes for next treatment regime. Most probably they will take several suspective diagnosis and treatment plans until they take a final decision. The blood reports, urine and body fluid tests and the imaginary reports such as X-Ray work well in collecting info on the underlying condition. However, the medical staff will not ask for all the tests and reports every time. They prescribe those as with the patient’s needs. Sometimes, you may have experience of going through several reports such as X-ray, CT and MRI. The thing we are going to explore today is the comparison of CT scan Vs MRI in the medical setup.

What will your doctor prefer at emergency from CT scan Vs MRI

The emergency situation occurs mainly in an ICU or on the first admission after the accident. So, your consultant will probably ask for a CT scan of the affected part during these times. But, they will never think of MRI scans in this case. The main reason behind this is the time taken to finish the magnetic resonance imaging MRI test in this setup. They cannot wait for that much to take the final decision. Further, there are some occasions that they cannot prescribe the use of MRI scanners. If they really need to do that, they have to explore the past history of the patient. So, it is not suited for accidental situations. But, CT scan works safer and quicker. That is why they usually ask for it.

CT scan Vs MRI in patients with aneurysm clips and cardiac problems 

If there is a known history of aneurysm clips, your consultant will keep you totally away from MRI machines. Otherwise, there is a risk to rupture those. Once it ruptured, the abnormal internal blood flow into the brain can cause severe problems.

When it comes to the patient suffering from cardiac problems, radiation exposure is not good at all. So, the MRI will not prescribe for a patient wearing pacemakers and defibrillators. Basically, the radio frequencies and ionizing radiation along with powerful magnetic fields are used in this method. Hence, it can make vital changes in those type of machines by putting your heart into trouble.

Why MRI after a CT scan?

Do you know why the doctors are prescribing for an MRI after a CT scan? Especially, this is valid for patients admitted after muscle or soft tissue injury. It is the only way to take a detailed picture of affected soft tissues. Usually, if you use a CT report you cannot get a clear idea on soft tissues other than the bone fractures and other issues related to it. So, the MRIs are very much helpful in order to take further decisions on soft tissue damages such as ligament, muscle and tendon tears. Hence, your doctor can come into the last decision through it.

The basics of CT scan and MRI

The radiographers have rights to carry out these two test in a prescribed patient. Not only that they are responsible for several other diagnostic tests including CAT scans, X-Rays Etc. 

When we exploring the basics of the two tests, they use two technologies. Basically, the CT scan, which is also known as the Computerized Tomography, is the same as to X-ray but advanced in technology. Actually, it is the final version of the cross-sectional image designing after taking a series of X-rays in several angles. The examiners will use a computer to produce images in order to get this final outcome. 

But, MRI is a measure based on the usage of strong magnets field and the radio waves. The reports taken through this technology is excellent evidence for soft tissue injuries. So, it provides detailed diagnostic images than the CT scans. 

Safer and Comfort level of the CT and MRI

Even though you cannot control the decision of the medical team, it is better if you have an idea on the basic facts of the CT scans and MRIs. Then, you can support your medical team through enough facts. Ultimately, it will ensure your safety. 

Usually, the CT scans are safer than the magnetic field and radio waves used in MRI. So, as we mentioned in above few lines, the MRIs are not recommended for people with aneurysms and cardiac pacemakers Etc. But, there may be some exemptions as well. 

Further, the way of taking CT is a quicker process than the MRI. So, you do not want to wait a long for it. But, it is not easy to take MRIs as such. It takes time. Hence, you have to spend a long time period to complete the scanning process. Further, the place where MRIs are on progress is a noisy place due to the magnetic field. This, it is not a comfort thing as you think. But, we cannot say any of these methods is painful. 

What can you diagnose through CT and MRI

Most of the body structures are visible in these reports. But, you need to have a good practice to note those. That is why only the doctors and other medical experts are keen to analyse the result. The bones, soft tissues, abnormal masses such as cancers are visible in it’s through varying degrees of opacities

So, the things we can identify by using these reports may vary from severe brain damages and stroke to minor bony damages. However, the MRI is not good for the patient with implants and metals inside the body. Hence, you have no other selection than the CT in this case. But, do not forget to follow the medical advice as a thumb rule in an emergency. If not, it will lead to so many problems at the end.

The outline

Even though there are an array of diagnostic tools in medicine the above mentioned CT scan Vs MRI is the most important test types among them. The functioning methods and protocols vary in those two types of tests. But, both of them doing an immense service for medical staff to save lives. So many extra facts are also there to discuss in this topic. However, today we are going to stop at this point. We will meet you sooner with more details. So, we invite you to keep reading us until that. Our primary aim is offering new info for you as soon as it’s available in the evidence. Further, if you have any doubt you can contact us at any time. 

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