Guanabana – Health benefits of soursop fruit!


Guanabana or the fruit of soursop tree which is having considerable broad leaves are known as one of the evergreen plants in the world. The plant is native to most of the areas in South Asia and the African countries. This is a wonderful fruit which is used in various medicinal purposes in traditional practices. Not only that it is a tasty fruit to eat it in its raw nature. But, at the same time, it can be used as juice and other homemade sweets.

The family of these fruits are known as the cluster Apple. Further, nowadays, it is rare to find out a well grown and tasty varieties with the same flavor we enjoyed a decade ago. It means, the popularity of the fruit, as well as the availability of the trees, are reducing with advancing years. But, if you know below facts, you may start a soursop plantation area at your home itself!

The nature of Guanabana or Soursop tree and fruits

The guanabana which is growing as an economic tree for commercial use will offer you a number of fruits in a tree at one term. The tree is full of leaves. But, during the seasons, the leaves get yellow and fallen down. But, when it comes to the summer season, it again starts to ware its green cloths. The average size of fruit is around twenty to thirty centimeters in diameter and the one to six centimeters in length. The fruit is mainly green colour and when it gets matured the green colour gradually lighten up.

The middle part of the fruit is consist of white colour flesh inside clusters. But, clusters are not that much visible in here. The flesh is the one that suits to eat. The texture of it is smooth and watery in sometimes. When you eat those you will feel several tastes at ones including sweetness. Middle of the flesh there is a black coloured and nearly oval-shaped seeds which are having abilities to give birth for another same plant. If you grow it’s in a well-facilitated land, you can get around a hundred small plants through one average sized fruit.

If you made a juice by using the flesh, it is pure white in color. It is the same as the glass of milk. You can maximize the taste of it by adding a few drops of salt water and a portion of ice creams! Actually, it is a yummy drink for your thirst tongue.

The anticancer properties of Guanabana – Never equal to drugs!

The guanabana is having thousands of more benefits than the chemical based drugs used for patients who are suffering from cancer attacks. The compound found in this wonderful fruit has amazing effects to fight with cancer cells while preserving the healthy cells inside your body. Hence, there may not have any side effects from this treatment as the western medicinal drugs. This anticancer agent is known as the annonacin. If our scientists could spend days to investigate a drug for cancer without using a chemical substitute, and with the help of soursop extracts, it will be an immense finding for a healthy future generation.

The other important health benefits of Guanabana


There are no arguments behind the importance of it for the treatment remedies to fight with cancers, but there are so many health benefits of it than this. Here I would like to briefly explain all of them as pointed details. Hence, it will be easy to grasp all the details at ones.

  1. This is a good antibacterial natural product for the diseases associat with gastrointestinal.
  2. The ring warm disease, the stomach aches, and gastritis.
  3. It is has proven effects on mental health.
  4. Good natural product for skin and hair.
  5. Aids in diet plans and supplements which was design for weight loss.
  6. It will protect the proper functionalities of the immune system.
  7. Since it has the properties to keep your body cooler, it will reduce several heats associated body hazardous such as heartburn.
  8. It will improve vision.
  9. Good herbal supplement for constipation.
  10. Good for lactating mothers.
  11. It works better to reduce symptoms associated with urinary problems and menstrual dysfunction.

Well! Now we know all most all the properties of the soursop fruits. But, do you know how it is beneficial in these characteristics? It is due to the nutritional compounds in it. Once you read the details given here, you could be able to clearly understand the process.

• How it prevents anaemia ?

When there is a deficiency in important minerals and vitamins such as iron, potassium, and Vitamins, to produce hemoglobin or red blood cell, the person can be suffered from anaemia . Since soursop is an iron and Vitamin C rich fruit, it will help you to prevent anemic conditions from your body by improving Hb production.

• It improves heart health

When we discussing heart health, we have to consider a range of diseases ranging from high blood pressure to heart attacks. The main cause behind sudden heart attacks or myocardial infarction is the formation of blood clots inside the coronary arteries. Since this fruit is rich in Vitamin B6, it can prevent the functioning of the compound call “homocysteine” which is known as the blood clotting agent inside the blood. Actually, it is a variety of amino acid. Therefore, it reduces the vulnerabilities of life-threatening heart diseases.

Not only because of this matter but also it is a fruit which is having high magnesium content. Magnesium is an important mineral to keep your heart health. Therefore, it again works to protect our main controlling center indirectly. Ultimately, you are a healthy individual without risks for myocardial infarction, strokes and other nervous system related problems.

• Do you know how it improves vision?

The soursop works in two ways to improve vision. The Vitamin A content in here works to offer good vision while other nutritional compounds fighting with the harmful bacteria to clean your eyes. Therefore, it will prevent inflammation and other related conditions in your eyes by promoting healthy vision.

• It works better in preventing Asthma

Asthma is a common respiratory problem among half of the population around the world. This can be due to congenital causes as well as the acquired causes such as heavy cold environment, dusty in nature and pets in your houses. As I told earlier, the soursop has an adequate concentration of Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium which is helpful in reducing inflammation of the respiratory tract.

• The best solution for the patient who is on medication for diabetes

Even though this is a fruit with sweetening flavor, there is no absorbable glucose. In addition to that, the fiber content in it will always fasten the digestive process by reducing glucose absorption up to fifty present of its normal value.

• It improves bone health

Vitamin D is the substance which is helping to absorb calcium to build up a healthy skeletal system of the body. And also the magnesium and calcium are the most important minerals for bone health. Even though the guan soursop is not rich in calcium, it is a magnesium-rich fruit. However, it indirectly working to fulfill our calcium needs by providing Vit.D.

• Prevent thyroid related problems

Since it is a fruit which contains an adequate amount of copper, it helping to keep well functioning thyroid gland. Therefore, it is helpful for people who suffer from hypothyroidism.

• It promotes glowing skin and longer hair

The so-called vitamin D content in it will facilitate healthy skin and hair.

Home remedies for various diseases of the Soursop tea

• Take a well-matured soursop fruit and chop it to pieces. It is better to chop it for the smallest pieces as you can. Now, dry it. After drying you can grind it to take powder which can be used to make a hot drink similar to coffee, Tea Etc.

• The soursop leaves are also important as the fruit. You can drink the extract of it or the water boiled with healthy soursop leaves. You can keep cleaned half matured leaves inside boiling jar and boil it for 15-20 min. Now, your evening drink is ready!

• If you suffering from chronic urinary problems, take a few leaves and boil it with eight cups of water. You have to keep it until it becomes one cup of liquid with guanabana extracts. Drink this two times per day for a week to get rid of these urinary problems.

• You can make soup by mixing pieces of these fruits to drink once a day for about a month to prevent a range of diseases.

However, remember these as well…

Even though it contains this much of benefits for human health, overuse of it is not recommeniing. Therefore, make sure to use these with control in accordance with recommended guidelines in order to take its maximum beneficence. We will meet you with another important topic like this in the near future. Keep engaging with our upcoming posts.


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