Tips on how long does it take to get rid of lice !

how long does it take to get rid of lice

The hair is a symbol of beauty. However, several causes can destroy the natural look of hair. Probably, the lice attack is one of major cause for it. Definitely, you may have experienced this problem several times in your life. Actually, they will last for a long once they attack our hair. It means it is really difficult to eradicate them from it. So, you have to try several treatment methods until you find the best one. The time taken for this process may vary in accordance with the treatment method you selected. Therefore, it is difficult to find the answers for ” how long does it take to get rid of lice ” at once.

So, we thought to offer this explanatory guide. It will explain the best available methods to treat this troublesome parasite attacked hair in a short period of time. You can read this post until the end to collect the necessary information to have a permanent solution for head lice.

How long does it take to get rid of lice naturally

First of all, the lice are not dangerous. It means, they cannot spread diseases from person to person. But, they can make terrible hair problem like itchy and infectious scalp. Hence, people always like to stay away from lice.

Usually, the combing and washing will help you to remove the lice. The clean scalp will not provide the environment to grow them. Actually, they need adequate heat and nutrients to fulfil their lifespan. But, hair will become cold and less nutritious after the cleaning. Hence, the nits will not last until they become lice. Hence, you can gradually get rid of this condition.

Further, combing is also a good practice to reduce lice. The effects are similar to the washing of hair. For this, you have to use a fine tooth nit comb. Otherwise, it is difficult to catch them. Probably, most of the live lice can remove through this way. But, still, the head lice eggs are there. Hence, it is better to seek medical advice or artificial treatment products for chemical therapy. Otherwise, the problem of lice and nits can arise again after maturing the remaining eggs.

How long does it take to get rid of lice with artificial products

It is easy to kill lice with chemicals. Hence, this will be the best option to eradicate them. But, those are not safe. Therefore, we can compare the effects of these and natural products to decide the best method to continue for the future.

Actually, these chemical products can damage your hair follicles. Sometimes, it may cause allergic reactions as well. However we cannot totally avoid these due to its harmful effects. This is one of the fastest methods to get rid of lice. Hence, you can use it’s with medical advice. You can select the best products through it. After that, observe its effect for about a month. It is better to stop the products with negative effects. And also you must inform the problem to your doctor. So, he will help you to find the best solution for head lice treatment.

The time needed to get rid of lice from oily hair

The oily hair is a perfect place for an adult louse to spread eggs. Hence, they will lay eggs in hair shafts of it. So, eggs will adhere properly. Further, these hair shafts are rich with heat and nutrients for eggs to mature. So, lice can spread faster in here.

The overly spread lice can lead to an infected condition called lice infestation.  The person with this condition will often suffer from itching and discomfort. Further, it is difficult to wash off the dirt in the scalp infested with head lice. So, again it will provide the best place for the lice maturity. Hence, it will be difficult to eradicate them until you treat for this infection.

3 home remedies for lice

People in united states frequently try lice medications to get rid of them. But, the home remedies are effective than it. Hence, today we will give you three best easy remedies to try and see the beneficence.

Neem is a good purifier. Hence, it will clean your scalp. So, these parasites will die due to lack of nutrients and heat. You can use this for two to three times per week. But, do not follow it in consecutive days.

Actually, you can use any oil for this remedy. But, olive, clove or tea tree oil are the best. First, apply it all over the scalp. Next; you have to separate the hair into sections. Now, you can comb it separately. However, make sure to clean the comb after combing each and every section.

First of all, you have to collect the items needed. Those are four oz of water and vodka with one tablespoon filled neem oil. Further, it is good to have seventy-five to eighty drops of essential oil. Now, you have to mix them well. At last, put the mixture into a spray bottle. Hence, you can spray it when needed. Usually, you can use this spray for your hair every morning for better results.

Further, even you can order a pre-prepared repellent through online stores. It is a good solution for busy professionals. But, the homemade ones are safer than those.

Overnight treatments for lice – is it possible?

You may be familiar with several posts regarding overnight treatments for this problem. But, those are not smart goals. Actually, most of the reliable methods will take two-three weeks to eradicate them. However, still, there are chances to grow them back. Hence, it is important to treat the cause.

The causes for overgrowth of lice

Actually, the causes are very simple to control. Cleanliness is the best method. Staying away from affected peoples are also have an equal possibility to prevent this parasite growth. Further, the heat and cold bath will not have that much of impact on removing lice. But, still, you can try it’s as your preference.

The final thoughts

The lice attack is one of the most terrible problems for people of any age. Usually, they will cause an unhealthy scalp. Eventually, it can lead to so many other problems as well. Hence, people eagerly find solutions for how long does it take to get rid of lice. So, they can feel the healthy hair follicles after they found a reliable method.

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