Weak Chin makes selfies above the eye line!

weak chin

Are you crazy on selfies? It is a photograph taking through the front-facing camera. It will capture your own face clearly than rear camera. Since this is a close picture of yourself, it will display each and every bit of facial expressions and features of the skin. That is why we really concern about the selfies than the photographs taken by others. Do you know, not like you, the people who suffer from weak chin always prefer to stay away from selfies. They often hate to see their reflection through the mirror. Not only that there are persons who even refusing to see them for forever.

But, actually, does weak chin create that much of issue for us?

Not actually! But, the severity of its influence may change with personal factors. Some people don’t care about it for a small cent while a few people suffering from loneliness and depression due to that. So, this guide will help them to be familiarised with this popular cosmetic issue.

What are the causes for the weak chin?

The most common underlying cause for this is genetic involvement. But, the additional cases are also there. Actually, the chin is a part of the jaw bone. It helps in jaw movements and chewing like activities. In addition to this, the beautiful jaw lines coming with a tiny shaped small chin will add extra beauty to women. But, the men expect a strong looking chin to grow their bread for an added personality. We call them handsome boys.

However, when they have a receding or double chin, they often experiencing downward protruded lips and volumeless face. The smile is not a cute thing for them. But, they have different art for the smile. So, if they follow a good treatment regime, they can reverse it. Hence, do not think that it as a result of your diet and inactivity!

Jaw exercise Vs weak chin

There are two kinds of people with two different beliefs on exercises for this issue. Some of them totally reject the exercises by thinking there is no effect while the others are accepting it as the best treatment choice. However, according to the physiotherapeutic experts, there is an effect on the weak chin to some extent. The stretching, strengthening, and proprioceptive exercises can help the sufferer to shape his or her chin. This is one of the safe and cheapest solutions for you. However, additional options are also there. If you are really strong in the financial aspect, you can try the following options written in the next half of the writing.

5 Best jaw exercises to reduce receding chin

Curl-ups for neck

This is one of simple exercise. You can do it in any position. But, the preferable one is the lying down in a mat. There is nothing any advanced technology than the general curl-ups to build your abdominals and neck muscles. You have to be in crook lying while performing the exercise. Now, gradually take your chin up to the chest while taking a breath through your nose. Then, take back your neck up to the mat while breath out. This exercise is suitable for ten repetitions at a time and around three times a day.

Take the help from Vowels

There are five different vowels in the English language. Those are “A, E,I, O and U”. Do you know, you can use these sounds to train the muscles in the jaw and neck. In the beginning, take your most comfortable position. Further, it is recommending to standing or seating in front of a mirror to see your reflection while doing the exercise.

Now, you have to sound these letters loudly and with the major movements of the muscles. The maximum repetitions should not exceed fifteen times. This is to prevent fatigue of those tiny muscles. However, you can increase the frequency gradually from three times a day to six times.

Chin up exercise

Here also it is recommending to select the most comfortable position for you. The lower jaw will activate with these types of exercise. First, touch the roof of your mouth through the tip of the tongue. Now, move your lower jaw forward and backward. At the end of the forward movement, you have to hold the position for ten to twelve seconds. The repetitions and frequency are the same as to above-explained ones.

Tongue twister

When you first heard on this exercise, you will feel it is the most simple one. But, it is a really difficult task for people who are having a weak chin. In here you have to push the roof of the mouth from your tongue. When you gradually performing the movement you will feel a strong contraction in the neck area. That is the thing we have to expect from this activity.

Purse lip breathing

You can add breathing exercises to firm your muscles around the jaw. This breathing technique will activate the upward and backward movements of the lower jaw bone. You can do it continuously up to fifteen repetitions at ones. However, it can cause an unnecessary burden to small muscles. So, it is better not to go for extra repetition in one cycle. The minimum times per day is three.

The other treatment choices for receding jaw!

The facial plastic surgical procedures and chin implants are the other two different selection of surgical treatments other than the exercises. However, since this plastic surgery is categorizing under the label of cosmetic, your insurance company will not cover you for it.

But, it also a surgery following local anesthesia. However, they will not select general anesthesia. So, it can easily carry out as an outpatient procedure. Definitely, it will be a piece of good news for you. This treatment will give you amazing result after a course of six to eight-week physiotherapy interventions.

Further, if you do not have a severe form of retrogenes, you can proceed with implant surgery. It is less risky than the other surgeries and it will also give the best outcomes with quick recovery time in the end.

However, this is not the only solutions. You can also use sliding genioplasty, inject filler and chin augmentation treatments. But, you have to get the advice from a broad certified surgeon before undergoing these options. They will analyze your facial features and will prescribe the most suited treatments.

The final comments

Most people think, since weak chin is not a cause due to the involvement of muscles, there is no use of exercises in here. But, actually, there is an effect to reduce the symptoms by using exercises. Do you know, the bony restrictions eventually lead to shortening of muscle by giving it an abnormal appearance. Do not forget this principle even though you proceed with other options. At last, you have to follow a course of therapeutic exercises to stay funny at a selfie. Let’s meet again with further details. Keep reading our upcoming posts!

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